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  • I have also noticed that you can't comment over 420 characters. ☹️ for me, that's not good because I am a talker sometimes. Js 🥺 oh btw you can find me on Facebook under Lori Lockridge and on Instagram under #lorilockridge11 but I prefer Facebook. Don't get on IG much. Hope everyone likes these. I have alot more.


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    Hey Lori! Thank you so much for joining us. Profile posts which are usually quite shorter than regular thread posts. I have made this higher though to 1000 characters. Posts (or messages as they're called) have a limit much much higher of 20 thousand characters, so these are suited for longer posts! :)

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    michael jackson my edit GIF
    Hey everyone! I am a newbie so bare with me. I am a HUGE Michael Jackson fan! I have been all my life! I even named my 1st born son after him. I wanna meet loyal fans that are as loyal and that love him as much as I do and always will!!! 💘 I will defend him at all cost! We, his devoted fans, have to keep his memory and legacy alive now that he is gone! It's our turn now!


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