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The Michael Jackson 'Simulchat' (1 Viewer)

Ben Nagle

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On this day in 1995, Michael Jackson participated in a 'Simulchat', in which fans had the opportunity to ask him questions directly via internet services such as Compuserve, America Online and Prodigy. While interacting with public figures and celebrities online is fairly commonplace today, this was quite the innovative move back in 1995! It was declared the worlds first 'Simulchat' and 25,000 people joined in around the world, with MTV playing Michael's short films and occasionally showing transcripts from the chat. Michael was still promoting the HIStory Album, and touched on topics such as his marriage, dealing with the press, his music and even revealed his favorite super hero!

Michael made a trend of pushing boundaries and breaking records throughout his career, so it comes at no surprise that he would become the first to use new and exiting technological advancements to interact with his fan base. Below is a link to a short video of Michael answering the first two questions, as well as the entire transcript from the night.

mj schat.jpg

Full Transcript (CNN)

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