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The Jackson 5 or The Jacksons. (1 Viewer)


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Pretty simple - who do you prefer?

Two different groups in my eyes for the simple fact of the shift of genre in regards to the style of music.

For me, I prefer the Jacksons. The style of music was some what more like a feel of fresh air in contrast to the bubblegum pop sound of the Jackson Five.



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From an album perspective, I prefer The Jacksons. Destiny is one of my favorite albums of all time, and I really love Triumph as well. I think this era is criminally slept-on.

But I do love the J5 era and so much of that material. I put the later J5 material on the same level as early Jacksons albums - I love the Moving Violation album and so much of the stuff from Dancing Machine and Get It Together.


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Definitely The Jacksons. The music felt more ‘cohesive’ from one album to the next due to their greater involvement with writing and producing it. And Michael’s voice ... 🥰🥰🥰🥰 Totally agree that The Jacksons albums are totally underrated! I’ve probably listened to Destiny and Triumph as much as Dangerous or Invincible over the years!

I do obviously love J5, and Michael as a vocalist and performer at that age is just ridiculous, but the way they performed when they had control and more involvement in their own music always seems much freer and more joyous🥰🥰


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The Jacksons. Don’t get me wrong the Jackson 5 made some great music, but to me Destiny is their best album. Once they secured the chance to write their own material they were an amazing ban, so different from their first few albums after the split with Motown.

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