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The BAFTAs Gives LN The Award for 'Factual Series' (1 Viewer)


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This evening, Dan Reed and his pitchfork welding band of charlatans at Channel 4 have been awarded a BAFTA for 'Factual Series'. Whilst we are gobsmacked, it comes at no surprise - Ready and willing to celebrate his win, Dan reed is ready at a drop of a hat to shove this in peoples' faces.

On the BAFTAs Twitter account where this was announced - a lot of people have noticed that you can't directly interact with any of the tweets associated with the Leaving Neverland win. Every other tweet regarding an award that has been given is free for anyone to comment. When trying to leave a direct comment with the tweets associated with Leaving Neverland - users are presented with an alert stating '@BAFTA chose to let only people they mentioned in the original Tweet reply.'


If that isn't well thought out and controlled distribution, then I have no idea what is. It is very clear that the powers that be have an agenda set, and that agenda - we all know, is to take down Michael Jackson.

We will not give up defending an innocent man. We will not give up showing Dan Reed for the sick and twisted liar that he is. We will win. The truth will prevail.

For those of you that may not have seen 'Square One', we encourage you to do so now.

Behind The Mask
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Ben Nagle

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Unfortunately, this is not surprising. The BAFTAs have lost all credibility and are equally as corrupt as the Emmys.
Its is also very interesting that Channel 4, via their ‘Press Office’ account, also closed all comments to the general public. After scrolling through their feed, it becomes clear that this is not common practice for them either. In fact, other tweets congratulating award winners, have comments open.
Its is clear as day that they do not want anyone to easily discredit this ‘mockumentary’, by using the feature that limits comments only to those mentioned in the tweet.


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Last time I looked the Facebook announcements still had comments allowed. Funnily enough all the other winners had a handful of comments/likes, then LN had about 300 comments and angry or laughing responses!


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This is beyond a joke. LN by definition is not factual - it is based entirely on accusations and personal accounts, and provides no evidence.

This is going to look quite bad when the cat's out the bag with Wade & James's stories.

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