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Michael Jacksons' Notes From 1987 Emerge (1 Viewer)

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A collection of Michael's hand written notes, reportedly dating back to 1987, have emerged on a number of online news sites in recent days.

In the notes, Michael touches on topics such as racial inequality and his plans to become the greatest entertainer of all time. On the Beatles, Michael wrote "Yes these guys were good, but they weren’t better singers or dancers than the blacks. The difference is that whites control the press the media and they can make the public believe whatever they desire." adding that "I am not prejudiced, it’s just time for the first Black King now"

He also outlines his plans to become a black hero for people around the world, which he triumphantly achieved. Breaking down racial barriers, and changing the landscape of the entertainment industry forever.
"Do it, 200,000,000 (albums) for the white children so they'll have black heroes. So they don't grow up prejudice.... My goal is to become so big, so powerful, to become such a hero to end prejudice."
Attached, is the collection of notes which you can check out for yourself:

note1.jpg note2.jpg note3.jpg note4.jpg

Source - The News International

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