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'Loving Neverland' Out Now! (1 Viewer)

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'Loving Neverland', the fan made documentary that was announced last month, is available now on Youtube.

The documentary has a total run time of five hours and fifteen minutes, covering topics such as media intrusion, false allegations, Michaels childhood and his love for children, humanitarian acts and Michael's untimely death. The film was produced by Nandita Raghav and Deboleena Aich.

The description of 'Loving Neverland' reads:

No one can deny that Michael Jackson was the biggest celebrity in the history of the mankind but at the same has been the most bullied, disrespected & tormented like no other. He sacrificed his life to make this world a better place. History will forever be kind and look upon with respect towards him when people finally start to realize how genuine & pure of a soul he was who channelized his music and ideals to not only entertain millions for decades as well as strive for world peace and harmony with his activie humanitarianism.
It's always fantastic too see new fan made projects, that help spread the truth about Michael Jackson! A link to the documentary has been provided below.

Source: Nandita Raghav on Twitter / Behind The Mask

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