In 1988 Michael Jackson won the Video Vanguard Award and subsequently in 1991, the award was officially renamed the 'Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award' in his honor. However, last year after the airing of HBOs four hour TV show (other wise known as, 'Leaving Neverland'), Michael Jackson's name was dropped from the awards title.

Despite this action causing some criticism for MTV/ VMA, this year the award has been seemingly dropped all together. Lady Gaga was the recipient of a 'new' award, titled the 'Tricon Award', which appears to be the replacement for the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard. In a since deleted tweet, MTV Brasil confirms this in response to a user that asked "Is this Tricon like MJ Vanguard?", the answer MTV provided was an enthusiastic "yes", exclamation mark and all.

"This is the replacement for Vanguard!" - MTV Brasil
In an article published by 'Pitchfork', the author makes reference to the 'Tricon Award', commenting:

The Tricon Award, given to Lady Gaga, is the ostensible replacement for the annual Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award (which was
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MTV would not have had the same cultural impact if it wasn't for Michael Jackson (who had to fight for airplay on the station in the first place) and his revolutionary short films (let's not forget that he made MTV a household name in the Thriller era with the likes of Billie Jean, Beat It and of course Thriller), which will no doubt stand the test of time. MTV's glory days are long behind them, whether this is yet another orchestrated attack on Michael's legacy of not, what is for sure is that his legacy will long outlive that of MTV or the VMAs.

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