"When he tasted my 'aloo gobhi' he remarked it was cooked to perfection, that he could taste the flavour of cauliflower."

The love Michael Jackson had for India, is no secret. Even though he visited the country just once, he had collected a bucket full of memories. Unfortunately, the King Of Pop failed to fulfil his promise of visiting the country again as he passed away in 2009.

Speaking about Jackson’s love for India, it goes deep down to the country’s cuisine. Not in India, but Jackson had tried his hands on the Indian cuisine out of the country. Yes, you read that right! the King Of Pop tasted Saag Paneer and Aloo Gobhi in Scotland’s Glasgow. It’s an interesting anecdote to be visited, which was shared by chef Raj Bajwe.

Known as Indian curry king, Raj Bajwe shared his beautiful memories with Michael Jackson back in 2010. It was the occasion of discussion on ‘Tikka Picture: Eat It’, a book which is written by Bajwe. He particularly shared his experience of serving Jackson with Aloo Gobhi and Saag Paneer in Glasgow during 1970.


While talking to PTI, Raj Bajwe had said, “Michael Jackson was a soft-spoken man. We became good friends. We met seven times and twice I cooked ‘saag paneer’ and ‘aloo gobhi’ for him. He later invited me to his private parties in the Neverland ranch.”

“Jackson was 90 per cent vegetarian, and sometimes had chicken. He always liked extra hot spicy food. When he tasted my ‘aloo gobhi’ he remarked it was cooked to perfection, that he could taste the flavour of cauliflower,” he added.

Further, Bajwe had even revealed that Michael Jackson paid 2000 pounds to him and his staff. Bajwe and the co. was invited to London to cook his favourite ‘saag paneer’ and ‘aloo gobhi’ in 2004.

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